Megan Ogle's Earth Care Farm Ducks!

Brined and then slowly stewed with tomatoes, onions and morita chiles and spices!  We don’t get to work with duck very often.

Henry Jochem's Primaterra Farm Turkeys!

We’ll have our Turkey stewed in Recado Negro tamales back again this week!

Shew's Beef wrapped in Banana Leaves from Companion Plants!

Salted, seared and nuzzled into a banana leaf blanket and then braised in a mixture of chiles and spices.

What to expect next week!

Duck Tamales

We’ll cook down the duck stew and make tamales with it!

Pork Shoulder

Chris from Integration Acres is  bringing us some pork shoulder and I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

Another Turkey!!

Henry’s gonna get me another turkey… I want to make Relleno Negro again!!


I’ve got another round of chickens from Henry… I’ll have to figure something out to do with them too.