Recado Negro

Recado Negro

May 1, 2020

lite it up!

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Arbol 2 lbs
Ancho 2 lbs
Achiote, ground, soaked in vinegar, 8 TBSP
White Vinegar 4 tsp
Clove, ground, 2 tsp
Allspice, ground, 2 tsp
Peppercorn, ground, 8 TBSP
Cumin, ground, 2 tsp
Salt, 4 TBSP
Mexican Oregano, 4 TBSP
Garlic cloves, 40


  1. Clean the chiles
  2. Spray each Ancho to make sure there is no sand
  3. De-stem and then Rinse the Arbols all together
  4. De-stemm De-seed the Anchos
  5. I get a griddle going and put the chiles on and eventually those fuckers all ignite and it is a wonderful site.... maybe your a torch to help.... i've done that or the flames from the burners end up lickin the sides fo the pan and light the chiles on fire.
  6. Soak each chili.
  7. Kept seperate, the chiles each fit easily into a perforated pan
  8. Put the perforated pan into a full-size hotel pan and run the water until it’s soaking
  9. I soaked it once as an experiment today -- i think that i’ve soaked it 2 or 3 times.. .doing this recipe before. -- I really liked it with one soak, still a bit bitter but very good
  10. Crumble the chiles with your hands
  11. Grind the chiles in the grinder. I think i have to grind mine atleast twice with my Corona hand-crank mill.

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April 15, 2020

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