Duck Stewed in Recado Negro

Duck Stewed in Recado Negro

May 1, 2020

Duck stewed in Recado Negro

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Yields 8 gallons


5 - Muscovy Ducks (9lb 4oz)
13 ounces - Caymen Spice chile, but maybe it would be better to use Morita chiles
2 #10 cans - Whole tomato in juice, organic, Muir Glenn
4 Onions - quarted and charred
5 Onions - diced and just a little simmer
2 Cups of Garlic
3 TBSP Black Pepper
should i add moritas?
4 or 5 Handfuls of Recado Negro


Brine the duck for 2 to 3 days
  1. 1 gal water to 1 cup salt
  2. I used about 4 or 5 gallons of water to cover the duck in a non-reactive container
  3. after 2 or 3 days pull out of the brine and drain the duck
Sear duck
  1. Chunk duck up to get a good sear on surfaces
The Stew
  1. Add 8 gallons of water to a 10.5 gallon braise pan
  2. Put duck into the water and carefully bring the duck up to around 198-200degreesF and keep it there until it falls off the bone
  3. Remove the duck, pull meat and skin off the bones
  4. Put the bones in to a pan, and if you can, throw it into a broiler until some of the bones are black, stir a bit, etc, then throw that into a pot and cover with water add some apple cider vinegar and i simmer it 12/24 hours or whatever, cook it down good. Then strain the bones out and add the water back into the broth
  5. Char some of the onions and garlic until nicely black, chop that up and mix it in with maybe 3 or 4 or so handfuls of Recado Negro
  6. Put the duck meat back in the broth, add the Recado Negro mix with onions and garlic keep the temp at or just below 200degrees
  7. Simmer nice and low the diced onions in a fat, I used lard. then add the chiles (morita or whatever, i used cayman spice), cook the onions until it's cooked down a bit somewhere between translucent and turning carmelized, add that to the broth
  8. Pop the tomato cans, drain the juice into the stew, chop the tomatoes until they are good sized bites, add to the stew
  9. I let it simmer for a good while
  10. I added some black pepper and more recado negro at the end and then cooled it down.

Additional Notes

Based on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook – Chocolomo (Mexican Venison Stew)

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