Chicken in Recado Rojo Stew

Chicken in Recado Rojo Stew

May 7, 2020

Chicken in Recado Rojo Stew

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4 chickens
2 qt. recado rojo
i originally thought 1qt of recado rojo would be good with 4 chickens, but i poured it in to just the pulled chicken and started mixing and it disappeared. i'm gonna make another 1qt and hope it looks proper!!
okay i made another quart of recado rojo -- i had a hankering to simmer it in lard a bit so the flavor sticks real good
maybe next time... simmer both quarts in lard.
apple cider vinegar for the bones
8ish onions
8ish bell peppers
40ish garlic cloves
soy sauce - i got the wheat free stuff - the original recipe calls for 1 chicken and 3 tbsp of soy sauce.. so my batch up would be 24 tbsp of soy sauce.. so that seems like too much so be careful
worcestshire sauce - i got the vegan kind- original says 3tbsp so be careful on batch up, just like soy sauce
i put only worcestshire, now soy sauce cause it's already pretty dark tasting
cumin -- original says 2tbsp, so my batch up would be 16tbsp, that seems a bit nuts, plus don't forget to toast it
8 teas thyme
8 teas oregano
1 teas salt (so i already brined the chicken.. the orig. recipe doesn't say anting about brine, i bet i don't need to do this, plus it wants soy sauce and worcesthire already)
2 teasp black pepper
8-16 teasp sugar ... maybe? i dunno lets try it and see
8 bay leaf ... i always seem to add more bay leaf


1. Brine Chicken Couple of days.. i did it for 12 hours and prolly should of done more
  1. a. brine = 1 cup to 1 gallon water
2. Sear Chicken
  1. a. chunk up your chickens
  2. b. turn your grill up on high wait till it's hot, pretend your last name is mallman and your drinking wine and sear as much surface area as you can
3. Braise Chicken
  1. a. put all 8 chickens in 10.5gallon braise pan and slowly brought temp up to 200 degrees and did my best to keep it there until the meat fell of the bone

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Stewed Chicken with Recado

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