Chicken and Turkey

We picked up some Primaterra Farm Chicken and Turkeys!

We’ll be stewing the chicken in some Recado Rojo following basically this recipe.

The turkey will be stewed in Recado Negro with ground pork from Dexter Run Farm and eggs, (hard boiled) that we get from High Bottom Farm


Cooking down that duck stew for tamale filling!

Those ducks we got from Megan @ Earth Care Farm and turned into stew for last weeks market will be slowly simmered down to become a filling for this weeks tamales.


Stahlbush Island Farms Cranberries w/ Cowdery's Poblanos that we roasted and Jackfruit!

We ran out of Cowdery’s tomatillos that we put up for the year and needed an alternative!  Cranberries have the similar sort of tang so why not.  We looked it up on google, and it’s already a thing!  Cranberries with Poblanos is very popular.

Stahlbush Island Farms out in Oregon is the source for these cranberries.  Roasted Poblanos from the Cowdery’s and the jackfruit we get from Frankferd Farms, it comes out of Sri Lanka in #10 cans, harvested prior to being ripe, so it’s savory and not sweet.


Beef Barbacoa this week!

We’ve got more of Shew’s Beef we’ve made into barbacoa this for tamales!

We’ll  have Pawpaw Chicken tamales.  Pawpaw we sourced from Integration Acres and the chicken is from Primaterra farm.

I made a mistake and made 40 Jackfruit Verde tamales WITH LARD MASA.  It’s supposed to be a vegetarian masa.  These will be for sale as a pre-order item only.

Our mobile ordering app for Android is available in the Google Play Store this week.