This week -- Beef Tacos!

Braised Beef Tongue
Sourced from Symmes Creek Ranch

Peruvian-style Beef Heart
Sourced from RL Valley Ranch

Topped with escabeche and queso fresco that we made from Snowville’s whole milk.
Shagbark Seed & Mill’s Wapsie Valley Corn is nixtamalized and then ground with a hand-cranked grinder to make the tortillas.

Menu for Saturday May 16, 2020

Lengua Tacos

We sourced this tongue from Symmes Creek Ranch. To prepare it, we braise the beef tongue, dice it, and then, per order, we throw it on the griddle with a bit of lard and it turns out amazing! Finishing the meat on the griddle adds flavor and gives the meat a bit of crispy texture. I like to add arbol salsa to the meat while it's on the griddle to add even more flavor.

Anticuchos Tacos

Anticuchos de Corazon de Res! Peruvian-style Beef Heart thrown into tortillas! We sourced these from RL Valley Ranch. They are practically our neighbors; just down the highway a bit. Heart needs to be trimmed well. We marinade it less than a day and throw it onto the griddle. The griddle needs to be about as hot as it can get.

Duck Stew in Recado Negro

We got Muscovy ducks from Megan Ogle at Earth Care Farm. We brine and then braise them in Recado Negro, a spice rub/paste from the Yucatan.

Turkey Recado Negro Tamale

We made a Turkey stew for the last market and reduced it down for this weeks tamale! We sourced the Turkey from Henry at Primaterra Farm.

Duck in Recado Negro Tamale

If you like the Duck stew we made... you will love this tamale. We reduced the stew and through that into a tamale!

Braised Chicken w/ Cranberries & Roasted Poblano Tamale

This recipe was kind of off-the-cuff. We ran out of tomatillos for our verde... so we decided to use cranberries because they have sort-of the same tartness as tomatillos. We think it worked out pretty well. These chickens come from Primaterra Farm.

Jackfruit w/ Cranberry and Roasted Poblano Tamale

Normally, this would be our Jackfruit in Verde, but we ran out of tomatillos. The cranberries are a welcome delight!

Chicken in Recado Rojo Tamale

Braised Chicken in Recado Rojo! Last weeks stew reduced and thrown into a tamale. The chicken is sourced from Primaterra Farm.