Lofty List

Andy's Wishlist / Blue Sky Dream

  • BE&SCO Roller for 13″ wheat tortillas for burritos
  • BE&SCO churro extruder attachment
  • Rice cooker – 55 cup – natural gas/propane
  • tilt skillet or tilt kettle – nat.gas/propane   80qt? 90qt?
  • vertical broiler / trompo / shwarma – nat gas/propane
  • horizontal broiler
  • Santa Maria Grill NSF from Norcal Ovens in Texas
  • Bear Tooth collapsible grill NSF
  • volcanic stone grinder & nixtamal vat like at suerte in TX
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  • able to have a hood
  • able to have a commercial smoker out back
  • near-ish athens
  • kelly’s distillery space
  • something i can prep AND be able sell food on simultaneously
  • big enough for 8 burner vulcan oven/stove
  • big enough for 30qt mixer