dear diary

finished the tipping feature on the cart and checkout page with a plugin

slacked 15lbs of corn yesterday.  it steeped all night and all today.  hand-grinding corn for the first time.  it’ll be the first time that i’ve made tamales with wapsie valley corn.  i can’t wait to use other types of corn now.  split 7lbs between two hotel pans and it seems to work good with plenty of room to work the corn with a perforated pan when rubbing the hulls off.

dissapointed .. figured out that the samsung galaxy tab active pro and tab active2 don’t call or text. they only have data access on the LTE..  and i still need a phone.  i’m gonna try and get the samsung xcover pro instead.

once i get that phone, i’ll be able to work on the in-person ordering process.  just cash for now to test it instead of buying an expensive credit card processor and my idea not working.  i can’t wait to see shit order up on a screen and when i press something like ‘order up’ it texts the customer!  i think i’m going to need a printer for two reasons. for keeping track of tickets between people on the line and keeping track of the finished orders on a table… the customer is only gonna see a bag.. i should get a stapler to staple the receipt.

first time ever gonna try sell two stews at market.  chicken and turkey.

gonna try out braised chicken, cranberries and roasted poblanos in a tamale..  it worked good for the jackfruit last week.

trying to figure out how much different sized tamales will cost… tamale casserole/pie kinda thing.  i can’t wait to put it onto the pre-order menu!  and keep diversifying.  can’t wait to add rabbit and whatever weird stuff to the lead-time menu either.. but that’s still kinda far away.

.the moon is amazing tonight full or nearly.  sky is clear with infrequenct wispy clouds.

thinking about but not really – social login / robot check at new user registration.

breadcrumb navigation

thinking atum product levels and raw material inventory mgmt

thinking about erp for hours and projects/todo  and maybe the erp and atum work together.